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Little Black Book of Blogs.

As a female in my 20s, I have had my fair share of ups and downs, while fucking that thing called life…

but when life gets really fun is in the bedroom or with a stranger or on the kitchen table or you get what I am talking about…I do not have a filter so everything I say is honest and raw!! kinda how I like my sex

I love sex and everything about it! I have dabbled in BDSM and no I am not talking about the basic 50 shades that every girl was into after the movie came out, but that is a blog another time. I have stories from college guys to college roommates to moms boyfriend to lots of goodies in between. If you like knowing tips and tricks, hearing stories of my life and what I think is sexy and kinda funny or just want to follow my blogs then lay back and enjoy…

just to give you a little taste of what I mean…

6 minutes 2 times in a gorgeous car being told you give the best head he has ever had

let me explain a little better, I have a type, think UNIFORM!!! he wanted to be a police officer… so delicious and boy did he have the body for it, I’m talking 6 feet of chiseled and bulging muscles and trust me he was not trying to overcompensate for anything…his dick was 8.5ish inches (didn’t have a ruler) of thick manhood just as chiseled and vein popping as the man that was attached…  he drove a really sexy car too which for me is a bonus, I think it’s erotic when you can feel the rumble of the engine in your chest which makes your nipples harden, and your whole body vibrates as he passes 90pmh… the man, the car, the sexual tension was just too much for me to handle…. I reached over and traced my fingers over the bulge that had been taunting me all night as we continued talking. I am pressing against his now growing dick and teasing him with no relief as I run my nails across the imprint of his shaft, this only made him shift gears and go faster…I suggested we go back to his place, with full knowledge that he and I wouldn’t last the 30 minute drive… so now on roads hitting every red light and stop sign in the state… I leaned over the center console and kissed his neck, chest and worked my way down to what I really wanted… what can I say, I really enjoy pleasing and making him feel good, and hell I just really like having a dick in my mouth, sliding against my tongue, licking up the shaft, all of it I enjoy,  jeans were not his best choice but after they were slid down as he changed lanes they were no longer in my way. mmmm fuck, it tuns me on to know that I am the reason his muscles were shaking, flexing his legs trying to keep his orgasm at bay and his breath hitched as I hallowed my cheeks against his tip… to be honest it wasn’t long until he had to pull off the road and park so that he didn’t crash because he couldn’t focus anymore… and it didn’t take much for him to grab my hair, tip his head back eyes squeezed shut as “fuck, fuck, fuck” came out of his mouth, his cum came shooting down my throat…He was asking how I did that to him? and why I was so good at that? and mumbling nonsense… but like I said he came twice in six minutes which frankly was unlike him because it was usually a solid 15 before he got close so I guess once could say it was a proud moment for me

lesson learned: for road-head don’t wear jeans and don’t be upset if she makes you cum a little faster than you hoped, you were going 90 and apparently your dick took notice